About KVS RO

KVS ( KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA SANGATHAN ) situated at Delhi looks after more than 1200 Kendriya Vidyalayas across India and a few Vidyalaya abroad. To manage such a large chain of Vidyalayas, KVS has divided the Vidyalayas into 25 Regions. All Regional Offices are headed by the Deputy Commissioner and accompanied by an Assistant Commissioners.

The list of all KVS ROs ( KVS Regional Offices ) along with their official website addresses is given below

  • KVS RO AGRA Official Website : https://roagra.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO AHMEDABAD Official Website : https://roahmedabad.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO BANGALORE Official Website : https://robangalore.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO BHOPAL Official Website : https://robhopal.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO BHUBANESWAR Official Website : https://robhubaneswar.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO CHANDIGARH Official Website : https://rochandigarh.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO CHENNAI Official Website : https://rochennai.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO DEHRADUN Official Website : https://rodehradun.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO DELHI Official Website : https://rodelhi.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO ERNAKULAM Official Website : https://roernakulam.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO GURGAON Official Website : https://rogurgaon.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO GUWAHATI Official Website : https://roguwahati.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO HYDERABAD Official Website : https://rohyderabad.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO JABALPUR Official Website : https://rojabalpur.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO JAIPUR Official Website : https://rojaipur.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO JAMMU Official Website : https://rojammu.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO KOLKATA Official Website : https://rokolkata.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO LUCKNOW Official Website : https://rolucknow.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO MUMBAI Official Website : https://romumbai.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO PATNA Official Website : https://ropatna.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO SILCHAR Official Website : https://rosilchar.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO RANCHI Official Website : https://roranchi.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO RAIPUR Official Website : https://roraipur.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO VARANASI Official Website : https://rovaranasi.kvs.gov.in/
  • KVS RO TINSUKIA Official Website : https://rotinsukia.kvs.gov.in/